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An intimate look at Mandalay and Bagan, Myanmar
07th October 2021, Thursday

In December 2019, we travelled to Myanmar’s first kingdom, the city of Bagan which unified the regions and later on became modern Myanmar as well as Mandalay – it’s second largest city.

After the earthquake of 2016, most of the structures and sunrise / sunset viewpoints were deemed unstable by the local tourism authority. Tourists were relegated to only a few viewpoints. Nyaung Let Phet is perhaps one of the last best few vantage points left for a good sunset.

Shwesandaw Pagoda is one of the main viewpoints tourists flock to to photograph the sunrise or sunset. The precarious viewpoint is also the site of numerous accidents as tourists and photographers jostle for space.

Voted one of the most beautiful temples in Mandalay, Sutaungpyi Pagoda is perched high on a hillside with mesmerizing views across the lands below.

Model shoot at Hsinbyume Pagoda. Known as the white pagoda, Hsinbyume features a unique architecture and is modelled after the Buddhist Sacred Mountain of Mount Meru.